Kyla Paolucci  Principal Designer
Kyla is a graphic designer and educator. Working for places like HBO and WWE, she has a demonstrated proficiency in commercial marketing and crafting a variety of experiences for different audiences. As a design educator at St. John’s University, she encourages students to define their approach to design through durational making and personal history. She believes that design is like a Sunday dinner: The labor of making a five-hour-long gravy that lasts a week or more and feeds many. She always makes room for dessert.
Xavier Vila Farres  Studio Director
Xavi is a scientific reseacher specializing in antibiotic drug discovery. You might be wondering, “What the heck does that have to do with graphic design?” The short answer is that this is a right-brained side-gig. The longer answer is that scientists tend to be pragmatic, operation-oriented folks who get the ball rolling. They are also particularly good with numbers and planning the future. To inquire about life’s other mysteries or request a Google sheet of the hottest restaurants in Barcelona, drop him a line. Visca el Barça!