Kyla Paolucci  Principal Designer
Kyla is a graphic designer, art director, and educator. Working for places like HBO and WWE, she has a demonstrated proficiency in commercial marketing and crafting a variety of experiences for different audiences. As a design educator at St. John’s University, she encourages students to define their approach to design through durational making, research, and personal history. She believes that design is like a Sunday dinner. It is the labor of making a five-hour-long gravy that lasts a week or more and feeds many that really sustains us. She always makes room for dessert.

Xavier Vila Farres  Studio Director
Xavi is a scientific reseacher specializing in antibiotic drug discovery. You might be wondering, “What the heck does that have to do with graphic design?” The short answer is that this is his right-brained side-gig. The longer answer is that scientists are pragmatic, operation-oriented folks who measure the future. They are also particularly good with numbers. To inquire about life’s other mysteries or request a Google sheet of the hottest restaurants in Barcelona, drop him a line. Visca El Barça!


Design and Art Direction
Logo Design/Visual Identity
Strategy and Naming
Design Team Consultation
Archival Projects
Web Design and Development
UI/UX Design and Research
Naming and Postioning
Business Presentations
Social Media Marketing
Motion Design
Publication Design
Packaging Design


This is a placeholder testimonial. ELLIUCCI is a collaboration of kind people who think that the best way to make effective change in the world is to create things in unexpected ways. They are responsive and very considerate of each client’s individual needs.

Kyla Paolucci | Principal, Elliucci

You want me to give a testimonial? Why? I can‘t give you a testimonial—I’m not a client. Aren’t I the one doing work for you? By the way did you ever make that appointment to renew your passport? You know what? Call me later. I just sat down for dinner.

Donna Paolucci | Kyla's Mother



Art Direction, Visual Identity, Marketing, New Media

Art Direction, Marketing, Visual Identity

Visual Identity, Marketing, Storyboarding, Type design

Visual Identity, Marketing, Product Design, Art Direction

Illustration, Storyboarding, Marketing

Illustration, Publication Design, Marketing

Illustration, Production Design, Film