Elliucci is a graphic design studio project that translates imaginative ideas into meaningful communication.



Brooklyn, NY

Elliucci is a Brooklyn-based graphic design studio that translates imaginative ideas into resources for meaningful inquiry.


Kyla Paolucci  Principal Designer
Kyla is a graphic designer, art director, and educator. Working for places like HBO and WWE, she has a demonstrated proficiency in commercial marketing and crafting a variety of experiences for different audiences. As a design educator at St. John’s University, she encourages students to define their approach to design through durational making, research, and personal history. She believes that design is like a Sunday dinner. It is the labor of making a five-hour-long gravy that lasts a week or more and feeds many that really sustains us. She always makes room for dessert.

Julianne Rotondo  Studio Manager
Julianne has devoted her passions to helping others develop peace and trust within their movement. However, her and Kyla’s lifelong friendship solidified when Julianne performed the Heimlich maneuver after giving Kyla a snack she should have not been eating (we can tell you more later). Simply put, Julianne is a people-person who keeps your best interest in mind as she guides you towards realistic expectations. Afterall, she’s long-managed an office full of CPAs. She’s especially great to have around when you need a good back crack.

Xavier Vila Farres  Finance Manager
Xavi is a scientific reseacher specializing in antibiotic drug discovery. You might be wondering, “What the heck does that have to do with graphic design?” The short answer is that this is his right-brained side-gig. The longer answer is that scientists are pragmatic, operation-oriented folks who measure the future. They are also particularly good with numbers. To inquire about life’s other mysteries or request a Google sheet of the hottest restaurants in Barcelona, drop him a line. Visca El Barça!

Though Elliucci is a studio practice started by a designer, it is not a sole individual’s craft and vision. From years of working on in-house teams to managing a classroom of budding critical thinkers, Kyla has an extreme dedication to collaboration. Most of our current projects include the expert work of developers, animators, and designers who maintain their autonomy hroughout the span of projects they partner on. If you think you might like to work together someday, please get in touch.

Andrew Lux / Itai Zwecker / Nina Lucey / James Rutter / Alison Schwartz / Parvez Noor / Jaime Puerta / Arlin Alvarez Almonte / Idris Solomon / Doris Liou / Jon-Thomas Royston


Design and Art Direction
Logo Design and Visual Identity
Campaigns and Marketing Strategy
Naming and Postioning
Design Team Consultation
Archival Projects
Cultural Projects and Speculative Design
Web Design and Development
UI/UX Design and Research
Motion Design
Publication Design
Packaging Design