Elliucci is a graphic design studio project that translates imaginative ideas into meaningful communication.




Prounced as EL-eee-OoOo-chi, this moniker is made up of two diminutive suffixes from Italian family names: Ciampanelli and Paolucci, to be specific.

Whether it’s a digital home or a printed booklet, we like to spend time getting to know the people who are rethinking how to create visual resources in our current times. We’re currently fishing in different ponds to discover what nourishes us best. Keep checking back to see how this space may change.
Kyla is a graphic designer, art director, and educator. Working for places like HBO and WWE, she has a demonstrated proficiency in developing commercial marketing experiences for different audiences. As a design educator at St. John’s University, she encourages students to define their approach to design through personal history, durational making, and research. She believes that design is like a Sunday dinner—a substantial gathering where everyone belongs. She always makes room for dessert.

Elliucci is a studio “project” that explores collaboration within the structure of commercial design services. Influenced by working on in-house design teams, managing studio classes, and playing team sports, Elliucci emphasizes connection. Most of our current projects include the expert work of developers, animators, designers, and strategists who maintain autonomy throughout the span of projects they partner on. If you think you might like to work together someday, please get in touch.

Andrew Lux / Itai Zwecker / Nina Lucey / James Rutter / Alison Schwartz / Parvez Noor / Jaime Puerta / Arlin Alvarez Almonte / Idris Solomon / Doris Liou / Britni Sweet / Jon-Thomas Royston / Joel Rothstein / Sasha Ternent / Jon Sousa

Graphic Design and Art Direction
Visual Identity and Positioning
Naming and Messaging
Marketing Campaign Strategy
Archiving and Resource Development
Design Team Consultation
Training and Instruction